Helen of Troy

Ages 11-18

Dive into the legendary tale of Helen of Troy in our summer production that promises excitement, drama, and a chance for your performer to showcase their talent! Performers will embark on a thrilling journey through ancient Greece, where they'll bring this captivating story to life on stage. Don't miss this opportunity for your performer to be part of an unforgettable theatrical experience – sign up today to unleash your child's creativity as we reimagine the myth of Helen of Troy!

Main Stage

Ages 11-18

Young performers work in an intensive study of theatre performance. In addition to preparing the roles they will play, students will be immersed in, and learn about, the entire production process. As always, the goal of the CCT is to educate, promote growth, and provide an atmosphere where students can explore their own creativity, regardless of theatrical experience.

First Act

Ages 8-10

Children learn acting fundamentals & performance skills, stage presence & confidence, as well as collaboration & ensemble work. This transitional performance group provides opportunities for students to showcase their talents through mini-performances or scene presentations, preparing them to make a confident leap into our Main Stage performance group.


Ages 4-7

Kiddos explore the basics of acting, including body awareness, vocal projection, and emotional expression. Through fun exercises and games, they learn how to effectively communicate. Students’ imagination is activated in order to build self-confidence while bringing creativity and story-telling to life. Through vocal & physical warm-ups, theatre games, concentration & memorization exercises, and scene work, students learn how actors prepare for the stage.

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